Tuesday, 1 August 2017



Good afternoon Gents,


As you will be aware the Club Championship is this weekend on Saturday 5th August.


Just to clarify a few points and eliminate any uncertainty the day will pan out as follows.


There is a Scratch Competition where the winner will be determined by the best gross score over 36 holes. The Winner will be the Champion golfer of the year.


There is also a Club Championship Handicap competition where the winner will be determined by the lowest net score over 36 holes.


For those members only wishing to play 18 holes then the Ben Birkham is an 18 hole competition for  handicaps of 18 and above, the best net score wins this competioition.  This competition will be played on Saturday afternoon teeing off from 1pm. If your handicap is 18 or above and you are playing in the 36 hole handicap section and wish to submit a card for the Ben Birkham, then your afternoon round will count for this competition. Cards will be in the clubhouse on Saturday morning when you check in and register. 


This will enable all our participants to be in the club on Saturday afternoon to see in the respective winners of each competition.


Tee times for the morning session will commence from 7.20am and Dave Buckley will be serving bacon rolls for those that wish to have them. There will be a lunchtime buffet for all competitiors provided by the club.


A draw will take place for tee times and this will be emailed out to everyone.  Everyone has a chance in the handicap section so please join in and give it a go.


Good luck to all of you

Best regards

Happy Golfing 

Chris Kirby

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