Friday, 2 June 2017

Diary Datesfor Summer 2017

Afternoon Chaps,

Fresh from the success of Guest Day and before you can draw breath, our next event is looming up!!!

2nd June - 4th June is the Henry Cotton Qualifier

June Medal 9th June - 11th June

14th June - Summer Outing - The Brentwood Club 


16th June -18th June The Ian Nelson Trophy 

24th June - SGC v Castle Point G&H golf match with evening entertainment and BBQ 

1st July SGC 60th year anniversary celebration, see the notice board for more info, evening entertainment

The list is still up for the Summer 4 ball better ball pairs until 11th June when the draw will be made, if you want to play in this get your names on the list to avoid disapointment.

Thanks again to everyone who played in Guest Day it was a great success, sincere thanks to all who helped on the day, without your support these days dont happen


Best regards
Happy Golfing


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