Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Competition Secretary's Update

Good morning gents


Another busy week so here goes!!


A big well done to those who represented club in the Leslie Wood plate on Sunday especially to the away team who gave up a nice sunny Sunday to face a formidable team and greens at Warley park. (Dave Seymour, Shane Prior, Paul Gray Rob Taylor, Darren Cumper )

Also a thank you Dave Buckley who not only played at home but was also at club around 6.30am preparing bacon sandwiches teas coffees etc. and yes Pete I will mention you being the only player to manage a point!


We Held the Guy Aldred pairs Competition over the three days, with the rough getting rougher and the greens getting slower it made scoring tuff, Dave Seymour & Cyril Elliot carded a good score 41 with a fantastic 24 points on the front 9,

But couldn’t stop the formidable pairing of Pete Robinson and John Gosling who also returned a 41 scoring only 19 on the front but produced some great golf over the back 9 to take winners spot on count back.


We held the draw for the BURKES BOWL and the VETERANS TROPHY, I have attached both here and will up at club tomorrow (once again your cooperation in playing asap would be appreciated)



I have been approached by many members over the past couple of weeks you wanted a mention given out to Dave Buckley for his excellent running of the bar he is doing a fantastic job “well done Dave “(pies are a nice touch too “)

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