Wednesday, 11 January 2012


@LukeDonald @GolfWorld1 #1 rightly peeved with the matter of slow play. It is spreading through to non pro games. 4 ball no more than 4 hrs.

It appears to be a very emotive subject with Golf World's twitter community having plenty to say on the matter.
I don't think any round of golf should turn into a race but equally it shouldn't end up with waiting on every tee and many shots because the match in front are just wasting time!
Simple Tips :- When it's your shot be ready, if its your 'honour' hit the ball before marking the card, always leave your clubs by the green in the direction of the next tee, try to 'read' your putt whilst others are putting and above all be aware of whats going on. Your place on the course is just behind the match in front and NOT just in front of the match behind !!
We can all do our 'bit' to save 20 seconds here and 30 seconds there and believe me they all add up.
Lets try and make 2012 the year we all play in around 4 hours or less, thank you.

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