Monday, 28 February 2011


45 points was the resulting Quality Street score and he beat Dave Payne by 2. Even a double at the 2nd didn't hinder him and he was out in 23 with 6 pars on the front nine.A steady inward nine saw another 22 points added and the medal scores of 39 & 40 gave him his first sub 80 round in competition.
Steve is a fairly new member as most of you know. The 1st time any of us break 100 is always a memorable event, the 90 barrier not so much but the 80 is always remembered because sometimes it's the last ! That's because the next milestone in golf is 70 and when you break that it usually means that your 'under par' . Well Steve, in your case I think it's just a matter of time. Keep working on your weak points and practice whenever you can. Very well played.

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