Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Quality Street 30.01.11

Winner of this week's competition and also the Graham Trohy was John Gosling with a very steady 41 points. This was made up of 20 on the front nine and 21 on the back. The highlight was a 2/1 on the 10th which earnt him 4 points with the help of a 30ft putt. Not to forget a box of Titleist for a 2 on a par 3.

Indeed it was his putting that made things simple because as everyone else was finding approach putting difficult John was leaving everything 'in' or 'stiff'!

After a very 'wet' night on Saturday at Peter Sander's 70th Birthday (happy birthday Pete) John decided to leave the 'Driver' in the bag and played from the tees with his 3 wood. This proved to be a good move as he hit more fairways than usual, mind you that's not hard as he can be a bit wild so I'm told. Just goes to show that a few Magners can make anyone think sensibly in the morning.

Well done John.

Secret Partners also involved John Gosling who was paired with his old mate Karl Lapage but they were not alone on 70 points and had to share the winnings with Past Captain Buckley and young Ben Wyatt. Dave bringing in a respectable 33 and Ben a very good 37.

Eagles Nest is now 2 3 5 will anybody win it next week?

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