Monday, 24 January 2011

Victory for the 'Oldies' by 3 points!

With the last game on the course the youngsters were leading by 1 so when Captain Andy came in with a 4 point win it was 'drinks all round'
A very enjoyable day when the weather was very kind. It all got off to a good start with sausage and bacon rolls with coffee and brandy, just to warm everyone up.

Notable performances from the OAP's came from Vic Askew 41, Brian Hull 39, Tony Choppen 37, & Andy Langdon 35.

For the young pups Steve May 49 (yes 49!) Terry Burgess 41, Ashley Burdis 38, Kevin Lapage 37, and Tony Howson 36.

Hot soup greeted the players on their return and a collection got the Captain's charity, Essex Air Ambulance, off to a good start. Thank you to all participants.