Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Quality Street: 16.01.2011

Despite the heavy rains all week the course was open even though every Bunker was under water and deemed G.U.R. This was to avoid problems with lost balls where the water was so deep. Last week's winner Mal produced Flippers & Snorkel to retrieve his ball at the 14th !!

Best of the day was a fabulous 41 points from Peter Sanders who managed to amass 25 points on the front nine. This included 2 chip-ins, at the 6th and 9th both for birdies and 4 pts. This enabled him to nudge his way round the back nine without taking any risks. It worked well until the last, where a catalogue of errors left him needing to hole a 20ft putt to avoid double figures. Caught between trying to save his handicap and save the embarrassment of a 10 he duly made a perfect stroke and sent the ball straight in the middle. Very well played Pete but you're now cut to 19.

Secret partners also involved Peter Sanders who was drawn with Colin Wyatt. 41 & 32 After all his hard work the night before nobody begrudged him the victory and the extra bottle of 'Bud' he treated himself to.

One final mention must be made of our new Secretary's match against Paul Downey in The Sportsman's Trophy played Saturday. Nick had arranged the game despite having problems with his right leg & groin for several weeks. He expected nothing against Paul, who lost in the 2007 final to Colin Fulker ,so when he stood on the 18th Tee 1 up he was surprised. 3 shots later and his ball lost in bushes it was back to the 1st for 'extra holes'

Paul hit a solid iron to the middle of the green while Nick thinned the hell out of his long and left. Thinking he was 'Out of Bounds' he was ready to shake hands but on closer inspection it turned out that several inches lay between his ball and the dreaded O.O.B. A chip and 2 putts for a 4 net 3, followed by an uncharacteristic 3 putt from Paul meant that Nick goes through. The old saying applies, 'beware the injured golfer'

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